Clipboard Suite

Clipboard - Clipboard Lite - Clipboard Code

Clipboard Suite

Easily allow website visitors to copy snippets of text or code


  • A set of 3 stacks for complete website integration
  • Great for educational sites and knowledgebases
  • Fully customisable copy-to-clipboard button
  • Fully customisable tooltips, including translatable text
  • Easily copy markdown & styled text, list & table items, and codeblocks
  • Codebock comes with 85 themes and 190 languages built-in
  • Dark Mode Ready

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Will this stack work on my site?
The Clipboard Suite of Stacks should work on any stacks page, regardless of framework or theme. If you come across any issues, let us know.

While editing my page, I only see dark mode colors
RapidWeaver detects that your prefered color scheme is dark mode. Turn off dark mode in the stack settings.

What is "escaped code"?
If you type regular HTML code into a codebox, browsers will try to render the code instead of displaying it. To get around this, certain characters must be replaced with escape codes. There are lots of online tools availble to do this for you such as

How can I submit a feature request?
Fill in the form on the support page and tell us your idea. We can't promise that all feature requests will be incorporated but we'll review each one.

RapidWeaver 7+

Stacks 3.5+

Compatible with all major browsers

Safari Browser


Chrome Browser


Firefox Browser


Edge Browser


Opera Browser


Version: 1.0.0

  • Initial Release